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comelec / household /VACUUM FOR JARR FOR LIQUIDS
Use for excursions and lunch in work activity
Vacuum flask
TL6351 350 cc. 84 3601820283 9  
Technical data
TL6501 500 cc 84 3601820284 6  
Technical data
TL6751 750 cc. 84 3601820285 3  
Technical data



TL6351   TL6501   TL6751
Vacuum flask, capacity 750 cc, stainless steel body 18/8, cover-up bullet shape. Keep the beverages Hot 12 H. Cool 24 H.
Suitable for drinks  
Suitable for solid foods -
Layers 7
Keep the beverages hot 12 h
Keep hot or cool 24 h
Cover-up bullet shape  
Body Stainless steel 18/10
Base Stainless steel 18/10
Packing module 6
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